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New Members Wanted

New members, who are still playing cricket, are always wanted. As with the Rotary movement as a whole, the average age of the UK team has risen in recent years. However, if you are reasonably fit, and still want to play gentlemen’s (or ladies') cricket, you are very welcome.

At the Nottingham festival in 2014, the ages of the players from countries around the world ranged from 32 (India) to 82 (New Zealand). The majority of the playing members are over 50, and we are always looking for new players.

Usually playing members are from 2 sources: –
• They have been good club cricketers in their youth and are now turning out in lower XI’s or,
• They have always played village cricket and are continuing to do so.

Non-playing members are equally welcome as the fellowship amongst us all is the added benefit of membership - but if you can score or umpire you know how valuable to are to groups like ours!!

You may not be a member of Rotary yet, but we would still like to hear from you as IFCR could be the ideal introdcution to our global organisation.

Membership Fees

• Life Membership £25 - yes, just £25!
• Annual Membership by Bankers’ Order £5

Anyone with an interest in cricket, either as a player, umpire, scorer or supporter is very welcome to join. So why not find out more by contacting us HERE

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If you have any questions or want more information, please contact us through our dedicated contact form.

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