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Meeting Notes of Interest

As per IFCR GB&I Constitution, Notice is hereby given 28 days in advance to announce the above meeting on the Sunday 7th May 2017, starting at 1:00PM at:


Stratford Suite
Premier Meetings Solihull (Hockley Heath, M42)
Stratford Road
Hockley Heath
Solihull B94 6NX


Those who are not able to attend the meeting may be able to join in via skype or teleconference, but they should let us know in advance by email to ganesh.ifcr@gmail.com so that arrangements can be made. 


In the interests of the Fellowship, and the nature of topics to be discussed, especially financial, it is hoped that as many as possible attend the meeting physically and not electronically. 


Those who wish to join the meeting electronically should be prepared to connect at the start and maintain contact during the whole meeting. It is not intended that those present should be having to waste any time in welcoming members once the meeting has started, or recapping on what has been discussed and agreed for those that log into the meeting late.


The Agenda for the meeting is as follows:

1.       Appointment of meeting Chair until Chairman is elected under item 3

2.       Welcome to all those physically and electronically present

3.       Apologies for Absence

4.       Election of IFCR GB&I Officers:

  • Chairman – Position currently vacant
  • Treasurer – Currently Eric Hill
  • Secretary – Currently Ganesh Ganesan
  •  International Board Member – Currently Norman Brown
  •  Committee Members – Currently those above, Mike Jackson, David Askin, Paul Walsh and  Keith Hopkins

5.       IFCR 9th World Festival at Christchurch New Zealand

6.       IFCR Australia tour of UK in June/July 2017

7.       Treasurer’s report and presentation of accounts

8.       IFCR GB&I proposals to reduce current bank balances (circa £20,000 total in accounts)

9.       Membership and New Members Recruitment Initiative – IFCR GB&I Marketing plans

10.   Any Other Business

11.   Date for Next Meeting


Meeting is expected to close at 5:30 PM

Should you have any matters that you wish to bring up under Item 10 that are unlikely to be covered during the meeting as per the Agenda please inform the Secretary so that they can be allowed for.




I would be grateful if you forward this email to as many IFCR Rotarians whose names may have been missed from the circulation list above, or to any Rotarian that you know that may be interested in Rotary Cricket.


Venkata Ganesan


Headlines from the Summer Gathering - June 24th 2016


1. 9 IFCR members and some friends and partners met for lunch prior to the ODI between England & Sri Lanka at Edgbaston and discussed a varied agenda as below.


2. It was agreed that we would be sending a team to the 9th IFCR World Festival in Christchurch in January 2017 and we would be drawing down NZ$200 to cover the registration fees which Eric (as treasurer) would pay.


3. It was agreed that Keith Hopkins would be our Tour Manager with all bookings going through him. He needs to know final numbers by the end of July 2016. Members are asked not to try to book directly.


4. Keith would be putting together a "pick and mix" itinerary that would include a week in North Island prior to the Festival, 4 days of site seeing in South Island after the Festival and some time in Melbourne playing cricket on the way home. He will distrbute details to members in the next 2 weeks, but they are optional extras, with a minimum of 10 tourists required for each leg of the trip.


5. Those confirmed to travel to the Festival were:- Keith Hopkins, Rupert Cox, David Askin (non playing), Mike Gillingham, Stuart Williamson (non playing), Norman Brown, Ganesh Ganesan, Paul Walsh and Roy Sperrings. Eric Hill could not travel as he will be recouperating from surgery.


6. Those still to decide include:- Euan Stirrat, Jim Jordan, Irfan Wahenda, Steve Webber and Mike Jackson.


7. It was agreed that Keith will take out advertising space in the next RIBI magazine to help recruit a few more tourists. This could cost circa £750. Keith was delegated to organise this and draw the funds from Eric in due course. Rupert will refresh our database and contact some of the younger Rotarians to try to engender some interest.


8. It was agreed to host an AGM on Saturday 10th September 2017 over lunch and afternoon in the Birmingham area with Norman making the booking arrangements to include the option of skype for those who cannot travel.


9. At the AGM we will need to discuss how to spend some of the large reserves that have been built up under Gerald's tenure as Treasurer. Eric was asked to check out as many of the bank stantements as possible or it will be very difficult to audit for the AGM without Gerald's historical papers. This will prove challenging as following his death only limted paperwork was forthcoming.


10. It was agreed in principle to help the Australians organise a tour to the UK in June/July 2017. Rupert will liase with Patrick O'Shea with a view to starting in Scotland (Keith), then down to Yorkshire (Norman), to Birmingham for England v Australia in the Champions Trophy, then to Somerset to include some cricket (Rupert), then possibly Fordingbridge (Mike) before flying home from London.

Headlines from the IFCR GB&I 2014 AGM - October 24th 2014

1. IFCR GB&I elected new officers to serve the organisation for the coming year.
Chairman – Rupert Cox
Secretary – Ganesh Ganesen
Treasurer – Eric Hill
IFCR National Delegate – Norman Brown
IFCR GB&I International Ambassador - Mike Jackson (post meeting)

2. We organised a weekend summer gathering in heart of District 1200 in Somerset – the home of members Rupert Cox, Mike Gillingham and Roy Sperrings with home hosting from members of the Rotary Club of Langport & Somerton.

3. Through the good efforts of Immediate Past District Governor and IFCR GB&I International Ambassador, Mike Jackson, we have started dialogue with Government and the ECB on how we can utilise the power of Rotary to promote cricket to young people in areas of deprivation and ethnic imbalance.

4. Plans were being sought from the organsing committee of the 9th Wolrd Festival in Christchurch

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