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The International Fellowship of Cricket Loving Rotarians is one of the largest and 

most successful international Rotary Fellowships. It was at the Rotary International 

assembly at Nashville in 1986 that the idea of an exchange of parties of cricket-playing 

Rotarians between districts in the United Kingdom and India was discussed and developed by past R.I. President Rajendra Saboo and past R.I. Director Geoffrey Pike.


There then followed several years of exchanges between India, South Africa and the West Indies and it became clear that a new Rotary Fellowship would succeed. 

On 25th May 1993 the formal launching of I.F.C.R. took place in the Long Room of the 

Melbourne Cricket Club courtesy of the Australian Cricket Board. Geoffrey became the 

founding Chairman. It has its 25th anniversary in 2018 and the 20th anniversary of the 

first Festival in 2017, New Zealand. The name was deliberately chosen to ensure that the organisation is seen to welcome Rotarians and family with an interest in the game, even though they are not active players.


Any sport needs supporters as well as players, and both can derive pleasure from, and contribute to, such an organisation. This Fellowship is attractive to potential Rotarians and club members who are thinking of joining Rotary.


Throughout the world the Fellowship has expanded dramatically, and offers frequent 

opportunities to visit distant parts of the world to participate in or be a spectator at 

cricket matches and to enjoy the hospitality of and develop friendships with other members and their associates. 


Through frequent tours to and by other countries strong friendships have developed. British Rotarians have opportunities to see Rotary in action in other parts of the world; to develop personal connections and co-operate with overseas Rotarians in implementing worthwhile projects. IFCR GB&I has donated well over £10,000 for the various international projects they have visited and seen first-hand including giving out Polio vaccine. A really true encouragement of the 4th Object of Rotary. Members of IFCR GB&I have hosted several tours from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.


We hope that as a Rotarian and crciket lover or a crciket lover stimulated to be a Rotarian, you will want to join our small but dedicated group of crciket loving Rotarians.


If so, please contact one of the team set out below or use our contact form.

Meet the team





Ganesh Ganesan (wife Lakshmi)

Phone: 07949 636127

Email: ganesh.mayflower@gmail.com


Ganesh made his Festival debut in Durban in 2010 followed by a trip back to his homeland to Vapi in 2012. He created and managed the successful booking system that contributing to making the 8th World Festival such a well organised event.

As another of the new shining lights of IFCR GB&I the elevation to Secretary was a natural progression.

One of 4 IFCR GB&I members to be Club Presidents in 2012/13, being president of the Billericay Club in Essex, this globe trotting member is always great company whether home or overseas.

10th World Festival Tour Manager

Keith Hopkins (wife Mary)

Phone; 07715 052718.

Email: keithhopkins@hotmail.co.uk


Keith is not just an avid cricket fan, golf fan and IFCR member, he has also been District Governor for D1010 in 2014/15 during his distinguished Rotary career.


A past Chairman of IFCR GB&I and tour manager of the Durban and Christchurch Festivals, Keith has volunteered to be our Tour Manager for Melbourne in Janauary 2019 adding imagination to our travel plans by working on addiaitonal activities! 


Eric Hill (wife Muriel) - eric.muriel@btinternet.com

Eric has been involved in IFCR since Adam was a boy!

His welsh roots defy a keen interest in a game played with a small red ball, rather than a oval ball revered throughout Wales

While missing out on the Vapi Festival, Eric returned to count the money for the 8th World Festival where a small profit was made, thereby giving his colleagues no choice but to make him GB&I Treasurer


IFCR GB&I Representative

Norman Brown (wife Liz) - norman@rotarycricket.co.uk

Following four years of “storming” leadership of GB&I that culminated in the much acclaimed 8th World Festival, Norman now represents his nation at the top table of IFCR.

Another of the GB&I 2012/13 Club Presidents, his fellow members of Bourne Rotary Club can breath again as Norman devotes his time to making sure that IFCR continues to be a force to the reckoned with in the world of Rotary Fellowships.

Norman is a regular attendee at IFCR national festivals across the world with recent excursions to India and Australia stamped in his passport


IFCR GB&I International Ambassador

Mike Jackson (wife Carol) - mike@rotarycricket.co.uk

Took over as World IFCR Treasurer in 1995, IFCR World Secretary in 1997 and IFCR World Chairman in 2003. Organised the first Rotary Cricket Festival in Fordingbridge in 1997 and has attended all the World Festivals.

With influential links into the ECB and national Government, as well as a being a Past District Governor, Mike is ideally placed to raise the profile of IFCR not just in the GB&I, but across the globe through the Rotary International family.

A “60 year young”, overweight, cricketing enthusiast, who is still playing regular cricket for his club in the regional division of the Hampshire league, and for the XL Cricket Club.


Committee Members

David Askin - David@rotarycricket.co.uk

Mike Gillingham - STaylor6@educ.somerset.gov.uk

Roy Sperrings - poldenpilot@hotmail.com 

Euan Stirrat - euanstirrat@hotmail.com

Irfan Wahenda - i.wahenda@wahedna.eclipse.co.uk

Paul Walsh - plwinjuryrehab@aol.com

Stewart Williamson - jswilliamson@jsw.co.uk 

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